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One of two pieces written by yours truly + the great Pete Moore for Cantopop superstar Jacky Cheung. The album did quite well in the end (No 1 in HK for 4 weeks/multi-platinum).

Jazz  Piano Compilation (audio only). Excerpts from various albums released between 2005 and 2014

Solo piano recital at the Festival of Chichester 2022.

A few scenes from Mike McKenzie's award winning film Be-Longing.

My love of Balkan Music is well documented. Here is a selection of pieces from an array of recordings I have done over the years. A special thanks here to my good friend, the wonderful Vasilis X who played on many of these (audio only).

A whole lot of library pieces, used for TV and Radio (Breaking News, Classical, Chill-Out, Funky Jazz, Japanese, Latin, Balkan &c).

Stevie's Signed, Sealed, Delivered with my Funk Band Salome back in 2013.

Butterfly Prelude (from 15 Fables) with sheet music.

This was inspired by the Eagle Nebula and the Pillars Of Creation.

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